Installation Guidelines



The Lane is made from a waterproof commercial grade vinyl floor film designed to adhere to any smooth, flat surface.  All purchases include installation and maintenance guidelines to ensure correct and proper use. Our distributor understands our objectives and need for durability and has searched the world-wide market to find the best material for floor application.

  • Step 1  Placing the decals on a thoroughly cleaned waxed floor is recommended. This will offer a great surface for adhesion. Bare tiles, or previously stripped tiles that do not have a layer of wax will require one layer of wax to offer a sealed surface for proper adhesion. (If fresh wax is laid, allow minimum 24 hours for wax to cure before applying  decals.  Failure to do so will result in air bubbles.)  
  • Step 2  Create your desired layout. 
  • Step 3  Carefully peel the backing off of the decal and line up the decal to the desired position on the floor.  Start from one side, stick the decal to the surface, using a soft cloth or any nonmarring/scratching material, start working your way to the other side of the decal applying pressure in order to remove the air bubbles.  
  • Step 4  Once the decals are installed, allow 24 hours before Step 5, if desired. This will allow the adhesive to settle.  Following the 24 hours, remove any air bubbles and ensure edges are stuck to the surface.
  • Step 5   Once the adhesive has had time to settle, air bubbles have been removed, and edges down firmly, application of 2 - 4 layers of commercial wax are recommenced to seal the edges of the decal and to help protect it from lifting.  Allow 24 hours before use.  
  • Step 6  Literacy Lane is now ready for the children to explore.

Maintenance of the Lane to improve the longevity:

The use of soapy water to remove scuffs is recommended.

Using a SOFT, nonabrasive floor pad is essential in maintaining the longevity of the product.

Literacy Lane is NOT responsible for any damages cause by improper use for harsh floor maintenance (example: use of abrasive cleaning machine pads).

*Future floor stripping will remove the product.

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Literacy Lane is not responsible or liable for any damages after installation and waxing.


Location Location Location

Space Consideration

School staff and administrators should to give careful consideration to the location of their Lane and to be mindful, not only of the impact of activities on the Lane, but also the impact of the Lane on other activities within the school environment.

Physical environment plays a subtle role in a child's learning.  We want to teach children foundational academic skills, but we also want to teach them about space and how to use space differently.  Given that movement is embedded in the Lane, and that movement is used to move throughout the school, we want to explicitly instruct children how to use the Lane as a tool with specific expectations while also teaching the child  to respect the rules of the school (e.g., no running in the halls).

Consider the following factors:


Although school designs are evolving, the hub of the elementary school often revolves around the office. When placing the Lane,  be mindful of the energy that it brings to perhaps, an already bustling space.   



Literacy Lane was designed to support children who may benefit from regular sensory breaks throughout the day. Leading a child in an "elevated" state to a Lane at the opposite end of the school may be counterproductive and further heighten emotions.  We hope to avoid adding challenges, but rather to have an interactive tool readily available that helps the child to regulate and return to class better able to learn.  


Keep in mind that a child may need to access the Lane throughout the day to help stay in the "just right state" for learning.


Ideally, the Lane should be located near the audience to whom it is targeted (i.e., preschool, early learning programs, and kindergarten through grade two).  Having the child in sight is another advantage to placing the Lane close to the intended audience. 


Ideally, within the school setting, we would recommend placing Literacy Lane near pre-school, kindergarten or early elementary classrooms, preferably in a location with less traffic to help minimize distractions.

Unsure where to place our Lane? Please contact us and our consultation team would love to work with you to find the best space to place it.


Maintenance of the Lane

Commercial floor cleaning machines need a buffer between the film and the surface. The longevity of the Lane really depends on the type of service your maintenance staff can provide. If the surface is waxed, as we recommend, the longevity will be until the floors are stripped of all wax.